NAV Setup Checklist......New Attempt?

NAV Setup Checklist Vs. Business Central Manual Setup 

In NAV & Business Central application Setup is very commonly used terminology during different stages of project life-cycle. When I saw Manual Setup screen during my experiments with Business Central, it hit my brain and reminded me of an era of  older versions/classic versions of NAV. If I remember it correctly, we used to get Setup Checklist until NAV 6.0 release. Later version of NAV somehow did not include this feature. However with Business Central we again see this made available to business users/implementation consultant.

Classic NAV Version-setup Checklist
Business Central-Manual Setup
Both the functionality is useful for configuring the NAV & Business Central applications respectively. The main use of this functionality is to simplify the process of setting company in the respective application. The window contains a list of the tables to which you have access (according to your license file). You can access the tables directly from the Setup Checklist/Manual setup window, and you can copy setup master data with the available data migration capability of respective application.

With the release of Business Central, Microsoft has nicely repackaged the earlier NAV version's Setup checklist functionality. In Business Central business user (ERP Admin)/Implementation Consultant will get the information for each standard tables from the description field. I must say it is very useful information for those who are new to NAV/Business Central application.

PS: This article is based on my best knowledge of the Dynamics NAV, any suggestions/feedback are welcome!

Jaymesh Shah

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